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The Marlyn R. Fein Chapter was established in September 1976, and is inspired to this day by the life and courage of Marlyn Chakov Fein (1950-1976). 

In September 1970, Marlyn was a beautiful, vivacious 19-year-old student and model. That month she learned she had osteogenic sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving one year, provided she undergo an above-the-knee amputation. She underwent the procedure, determined to beat the odds.

But by spring 1972, the cancer was discovered to have spread to Marlyn’s lungs. A combination of treatments involving cobalt, chemotherapy, and radiation left her physically weak but did not diminish her resolve—or her spirit. Despite these aggressive treatments, Marlyn developed a brain tumor in 1973.

The following year, Marlyn and Frank married. They enjoyed more than a year of relative good health before Marlyn’s cancer again encroached on her young life.

By the latter part of 1975, it was clear Marlyn’s cancer had entered a terminal stage. In December, she entered the hospital for a procedure that would alleviate pain undiminished by morphine. Soon after, doctors informed her that she was 7 months pregnant. On December 21, Marlyn gave birth to her daughter, Rachel. Marlyn and Frank and their friends and family marveled at this beautiful baby, premature but healthy despite all the toxins that Marlyn had been subjected to throughout her cancer treatments.

Marlyn made Faith the baby’s middle name—chosen to reflect the deep trust in God that had sustained her throughout her journey with cancer. She continued to draw strength from her faith even in her final days. She died on January 23, 1976. She was just 25.

The following year, Frank Fein began raising money for Fox Chase Cancer Center from among Marlyn’s family and friends and classmates. Today, the Marlyn R. Fein Chapter of the Board of Associates continues to thrive and grow—and raise money for Fox Chase—more than four decades after Marlyn’s death. 

With approximately 200 members, the group is more active than ever. Through an annual program of events including holiday gift-wrapping, fashion shows, and bingo nights, the all-volunteer group has raised more than $1.6 million for Fox Chase. 


The Marlyn Fein Chapter, a Member of the Board of Associates at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple Health is a group of approximately 200 volunteers donating their time and energy to raise funds for patient care and research at Fox Chase Cancer Center in a sincere effort to help eradicate cancer in our lifetime.